Good things, God things & Gil things

Pardon me as I rethink and retool some things…

My name is Gil Gatch. Gil Altman Gatch actually. It’s a weird name, yes I know. My high school teachers and college professors always told me that ‘the Gil Gatch band’ would be a great name for a musical group (I always disagreed). Right now I can’t stop listening to the Pandora Oscar Peterson channel. There is something so amazing about how that man plays piano.

My favorite food is fruit (and espresso). I could eat fruit and fruit only for the rest of my life… especially mangoes, figs, kiwis, bananas, pineapple, pears, and apples. Oranges are my least favorite ever. I can’t drink orange juice at all. And coffee is an everyday, every meal event for me. I need to cut back.

As I have tried to share my life with others I have discovered that many people become deceived, refusing to consider even the most simple logic or reasoning. Others become distracted, desperate, or domineering. I know few people, if any, that are truly who they say they are. The greatest of all hypocrites often lie within religious denominations–those who should be spreading hope and love to the confused and hurting. This isn’t within theistic varieties only, but within a gamut of spiritual disciplines also. I’ve noticed that I have a disease of being fatally transparent. Maybe the word ‘sincere’ is a better choice. This quality seems to be a disfunction in the popular world I live in. Where is the true love between brothers and sisters that my heart longs for that has nothing to do with personal gain? I know that others must desire this too.

I’m taking a step away from blogging right now. There is so much confusion, hypocrisy, and ignorance that surround the subjects of philosophy, religion, spirituality, and history. Before I further expose myself as being one who speaks before he has done the proper research, I want to investigate a bit more. There is nothing more idiomatic of ignorance than a sycophant pontificating about theories he’s only google searched and never actually researched himself. Thanks for visiting here. Good luck on your journey. I know we will cross paths again.

Today you can find me in Charlotte, NC. I work at NORDSTROM and teach music lessons to make a living while I focus on being a Philosophy/History/Theology Student. Currently I take classes at Southern Evangelical Seminary ( My dream is to do a terminal degree in Cambridge England and then one day write and teach those people who are not unlike my self–looking for answers and truth. I am married to the most beautiful woman alive Heather Gatch ( We also have a ‘son’ who is a mini rex bunny rabbit. His name is Henry. You can follow him on twitter @henrythebun.

Gil Altman Gatch

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  1. Anonymous

    OMG Gil, I am so smitten with you and Heather both. Ya’ll are people of substance and depth of which I knew/recognized right away but did not know to what depths. You really are married to a gorgeous woman Gil. Like you I LOVE fresh fruit of just about any type. Yesterday I found fresh apricots at HT. I generally eat a lot of dried apricots,but to find fresh ones was wonderful. Wow! I hope the three of us can become friends. Sincerely, Richard Ivan Sisson

    11:30 pm at 11:30 pm

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